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Michael Scott

Need approval for new features

Me, Tina

Re: New...

can you handle this?

Me, Tina, Lea,..

Re: Re: New...

i think we need lea involved

Me, Tina, Lea,..

Re: Re: New...

good idea! but we need to ask tim...

Me, Tina, Alex,..

Re: Re: Re: New...

cant approve without the legal team

Me, Tina, Alex,..

Re: Re: Re: New...

could you send me additional info?




No concerns


looks good from a legal perspective



Comment your decision

good idea!
I approve the decision

Your simple decision workflow for every use case

Stakeholders don’t need to sign up!

Outline decision and add attachments

Outline decision and add attachments

Assign stakeholder roles

Assign stakeholder roles

Have the decision made by due date

Have the decision made by due date

10 Average decisions per week

5 Average stakeholders involved

Make better and faster desicions with decisionly


minutes saved /month


mails saved /month

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Simple approvals Simple approvals
Product Features Product Features
Team Decisions Team Decisions
Marketing Budgets Marketing Budgets
Board Meetings Board Meetings
Vendor Selection Vendor Selection

Decisions made in 3 simple steps

saving dozens of tedious interactions

Initiate the decision and invite stakeholders
Step 1

Initiate the decision and invite stakeholders

Assign individual roles for each stakeholder, they will get involved at right time.

  • CommentComment
  • Decision-MakerDecision-Maker
  • Get notifiedGet notified
Collect the input and get the go
Step 2

Collect the input and get the go

No sign in needed. The recipients have full clarity about their role and the due date. They can directly contribute from their E-Mail inbox or use the Decisionly interface via Google SSO.

Keep track of your open and competed decisions
Step 3

Keep track of your open and competed decisions

Automatic documentation helps your team understand what a decision was made by whom. No more uncertainty and full accountability.

Unsuck your decision making process.

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Kick-start with templates for your decision use-case

decisionly usecase Marketing budgetMarketing budget

Same struggle each quater to get you budget approved? Have everything in one place and get lightspeed approvals.

decisionly usecase Board meetingsBoard meetings

Make sure your board meetings are efficient and adress every important decision. Shorten the time spent on decision making and focus on the vision.

decisionly usecase Product featuresProduct features

Customer feedback, product ideas and the discussion threads are in one place, now. Get features signed-off faster and start building.

decisionly usecase Vendor selectionVendor selection

Benchmarks, offers and notes can be all over the place. Keep it simple for all teams and help them make informed decisions.

decisionly usecase Project prioritizationProject prioritization

Changing budgets or shifting deadlines caused headache? Simply orchestrates changes and keep all stakeholders in sync with decisionly.

decisionly usecase Reviews and approvalsReviews and approvals

Whether it’s the release of a piece of content, a new launch, or an investment. With decisionly, you get everyone on board to be fully aligned in lightspeed.

Why decisionly is a good decision

We’re proud to have people with diverse jobs in companies of all types and sizes using decisionly in their daily routine

“Since I use decisionly, I love project management! It drives progress because it kills long email threads and alignment meetings. Because people are only involved when it's relevant, everyone can focus on getting stuff done.”

Claudio, Operations Manager at uber

"Decisionly brought accountability and clarity into my projects. As a consultant, I constantly initiate decisions my clients need to make - Decisionly speeds up the process, creates a bias to action and automatically keeps everyone in the loop."

Sarah, Consultant at Accenture Technology

“To assure I got my clients right, I send them decisions after each meeting to have the tasks black on white. It creates clarity and avoids the type of conflict I used to have before."

Anna, Freelance Designer

''Decisionly helped us professionalize our investment decisions while staying lean and agile. When we find an investment opportunity, I ask the experts in the fund to add their recommendation in decisionly. Once this is completed, Decisionly automatically sends everything to all LPs for their vote.

Jesse, Managing Director at Berlin Business Angels Fund

"Before using Decisionly, I constantly checked my mails to make sure I’m not blocking any work stream. Now I go to Decisionly 3 times a day, make decision with one click and am completely relaxed about not having inbox-zero"

Henry Winter, Project Manager at Gorillas