We’re three friends working in different environments but face the same problem: The status quo of decision making in most teams sucks!

Fabi, the designer mostly freelances and misses a way to make timely and traceable decisions with his clients. Mehdi, the developer is product manager for a tech startup and orchestrates dozens of decisions across teams, without having a fun and efficient tool at hand. Claudio, the business guy, works in a large tech company, initiating decisions that involve gazillions of people across many teams. Decisions are still done in Google Docs - lacking process, structure and centralized documentation. We’re our own most active customers.


Our vision is to change how decisions are made so that decision-making in teams is more fun, more efficient, faster, and more structured.


Our mission is to reduce the time and headache spent on decision-making by building the most intuitive, pragmatic, and flexible tool for efficient decision making.

Claudio Martay

Fabian Burghardt

Mehdi Mahmal

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